About Acturage

This is a website with a difference. It is aimed at actuaries, but it is also aimed at policymakers and people who have an interest in where our present economic and financial systems are leading us – people who have an interest in what one might loosely call ‘real world’ problems.

The perceived gap between actuaries and the real world has traditionally been quite a span, one that for reasons good and bad over the years has proved difficult to bridge. Actuaries are still often seen (when they are seen at all) as aloof boffins who obsess about death and finance, not as people who have anything of any consequence to say about issues that register in the public consciousness.

Yet an understanding of economics, finance and the assessment and mitigation of risk – so central to the actuary’s role – strikes at the heart of many of the challenges that now confront us. Why is it, then, that the Actuarial Profession wields so little influence when its members have a toolkit that is so well-suited to assist?

I believe it is important for the future of the Actuarial Profession that this changes, and at a time when the need for leadership and long term vision has never been greater it is also important for the public interest that this changes.

There is nothing special in my choice of name for this site, other than as a short play on ‘actuaries’ and ‘age’. But I do think that we are entering a defining age, and in some respects I do believe that the Actuarial Profession has yet to come of age.

Why it needs to, whether it is able to, and how it might do so are what this website and its references are all about. This website is not here to sell my book, and neither did I write my book to make money – few writers earn more than a typical actuary, and I am under no illusion that I shall ever be one of them.  No, both book and website exist to sell a message. I hope you will read on.

When I look around, both inside and outside the Actuarial Profession, I see too much diplomacy and too little accountability. Challenges are mounting, time is pressing and change is upon us. Are we going to help lead that change, or as a Profession are we instead going to find ourselves dragged along in its wake?

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